Everlasting Ephemera


§ 令和元年 葉月 月齢 5.6 

good ol' foogy-yoogy

§ 令和元年 文月 月齢 4.0 

We cannot overcome this challenge through tenacity alone. We will need elevenacity

§ 令和元年 水無月 月齢 28.2 

i suggest the large hadron collider make this their next priority

§ 令和元年 水無月 月齢 9.5 

I guess I haven't said much about 天使になるもんっ! (Tenshi ni Narumon!, a.k.a. I'm Gonna Be An Angel!) before, but it's super-amazing. It's got tons of heart, weirdness, humor, and symbolism, and they're all jammed up in complicated layers that constantly make you revise which of those class(es) a given thing falls into.

Every time I think I have a handle on the true nature of the show and where it's going, it's turned out I'm totally wrong.

For example...

This episode involved (1) a scathing take on immigration law, (2) a look at how oppression is exerted on "non-traditional" families via the legal system, (3) bold statements about how a real family has nothing to do with genetics or even the law, and everything to do with people choosing to be one, (4) significant character development (which consistently sticks in this series), (5) backstory revelations for multiple characters, (6) spontaneous dance routines, and (7) an extended series of puns based on forced pronunciations of months and dates.

I had no idea there was going to be an episode about all that, and yet it fits perfectly naturally into the flow.

Oh, and it also has gay angels, giant puddings, and an extremely catchy opening theme.

It is a good anime.

§ 令和元年 水無月 月齢 3.4 

Narnia: argues in favor of certain moral concepts
LotR: directly induces certain moral concepts
Sonic Shuffle: argues in favor of anger, sadness, despair, and emptiness
Mario Party: directly induces anger, sadness, despair, and emptiness

§ 令和元年 水無月 月齢 3.3