↓ Transcript
GALLIA: I began by studying previous battles with our enemy, as is my wont.
GALLIA: I found that Mirabelle relied on a "Mitten Mask" for help. It was easy to see that he was her classmate, Brutus -- the same one we targeted with the Caesar Primus book.
(flashback: Gallia uses fire magic on Brutus, who has the same bizarre expression as earlier.)
GALLIA: They seemed to have some relationship, so I fanned the flames of hate in him, hoping he would break Mirabelle's heart.
GALLIA: Yet when he insulted her yesterday, she seemed merely annoyed, and little came of it.
GALLIA: Despite my error, I felt Mitten Mask could still be of some value to us. I withdrew to avoid interfering with Italia's plan while I considered my next move.
(flashback: Gallia looks surprised as he opens a door.)
GALLIA: But when I returned this morning...